What should I do to obtain a car in the United States? The following methods are thought about.
1, I purchase it in dealers (new car, used car)
    Because a dealer does the procedures such as the vehicle registration, it is easy, but is expensive by just that much. The used car often finishes one way of maintenance before sale, but confirms the pivot. I can take out the insurance in dealers.
2, Personal buying and selling (used car)
    It is necessary to do a vehicle registration procedure in DMV by oneself, but is economical. I pass a smog check, or parts exchange is done regularly, or it is important whether the exchange such as expendable supplies is done. Because it is easy to be deceived than I purchase it in dealers, I am careful.
3, Car rental
    I use a long-term rental. Because I lend the relatively new car, it is comfortable. You do not need to think that you sell.
I can obtain the information of the personal buying and selling on a used car information magazine or the bulletin board of the Japanese-supermarket sold in supermarkets. In addition, when information rotates in the mailing list of the Japanese meeting and gets information from students, I can get information in various ways if it has room in terms of time. In addition, I can obtain it in Internet sites to mention later.